Dance(sing), CircusYoga, and Yoga Classes for kids

Yes! You are invited to attend a class even if you are only on Nantucket for a short visit.  Classes are designed to accommodate both short and long term students.

Dance(sing) Movement and Yoga Classes for Kids, 10 months -11+ years
Since 1995, taught by Marjory Trott at the Bandstand on Children’s Beach, Nantucket Island, MA

“Kee-mo-Ki-mo-stare-is-stair-ma-hi-ma-ho-ma-rumpasticka-pumpernickel-soup-bang-milk-cat-polymitcha-cameo-I-love-you”  Nat King Cole

Classes at Children’s beach meet at the bandstand at the back of the park.

Children’s Beach, Nantucket, MA

Summer 2020
Due to ongoing concerns about the Covid pandemic, classes for the 2020 season are on hold. 
I look forward to seeing you all when it is safer for us to gather together. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, and please keep dancing, singing, and doing yoga with your families at home! 

Children’s Beach Class Offerings

Dance(sing) 10 months- 3 years (with their grown-ups)
Movement and music to encourage playful, joyous exploration of young children’s rapidly developing skills. Early childhood songs and activities that promote body and spatial awareness, social and motor skills, turn-taking, physical and verbal expression, and a sense of rhythm. A fun and joyous time for all. Parents/Caregivers participate.

Dance(sing)  3-6 years
Dance, song, and stories combine to engage pre-schoolers’ imaginations, increase expressive abilities and listening skills, and build physical coordination, social skills and self-confidence. Dance, Laugh, Sing, and Play!

Yoga for Kids 6-11+ years 
Yoga fundamentals explored through breath, asana, interactive stories, partner poses, and guided relaxation. Non-competitive and fun, yoga engages the whole self, creating balance, strength, flexibility, and respect for self and others. Yoga enhances the ability to be relaxed yet alert, aiding in concentration.  
As yoga may be enjoyed together as a family, this class, though geared towards kids, is open to all generations of family members and friends over the age of 6.

CircusYoga 6-11+ years 
A celebration blending the consciousness of yoga with the merriment of interactive play. Combining  yoga, group games and invention, circus skills, Thai yoga massage, “flying” partner yoga, and creative movement, CircusYoga fosters communication, courage, and trust, strengthening our abilities to confidently engage, adapt, and connect. Namaste. Now must Play!
As CircusYoga is a celebration for all ages, this class is open to family members and friends over the age of 6.